A try out for our idea of a wild fantasy west story that we will still make some day. About KIT-10 the undetermined robotic felinoid with his fully felinoid companion miss Naughtypaws. Working together as bounty hunters they do their share in cleaning their world from spoiler-trolls and other scum.
A music video made for a “Talk Like a Pirate Day”contest. Our take on celebrating this holiday to break the groove of the common boring life that we might get trapped in if we don’t allow ourselves a little magic in our lives.
This is a video we made while enjoying Castlefest and people asked if our whip was real…. To be honest, it isn’t so the whipping was 100% hurtles.
A fun multi-part Catmas special we made in cooperation with Perry Mulder Productions. The Wild Kitties try to trap Santa, get electrocuted by a christmas tree and we all have some fun in the end credits. Might contain some vermin too!
Fantasy elves start to meddle with Christmas elves. What could go wrong? Nothing! We all have great fun.
Lady Dawn and Selkie take the camera for a walk in a pictoresque little town.
Wild Winter Kitties play around with Christmas elves. Wouldn’t want them to get bored, right?